What is the true origin of the 144000 chosen
Who are the redeemed and purchased by God
Mentioned in the Book of Revelation

144 is a combination of the numbers 1 4 and 4
The zeros being a later addition

It was an arrangement of a celestial configuration
With the all infinite Saturn being the Source

Saturn was in the center of the Holy of Holies
And was the inner 1 in this geometric formation

Surrounding Saturn was 12 orbs
6 inner ones and 6 outer ones
These were the 12 disciples or apostles

This made up the Cosmic Cube

This can be seen in the Metatron Cube

The 2 horizontal orbs of the inner set
And the 2 horizontal orbs of the outer set
Which were located above and below Saturn
Were not as bright

This can be seen in some versions of the Metatron
The Metatron is the sacred geometry
That reveals this early cosmic structure

The Metatron is the Flower of Life

It is mentioned twice in the Talmud
In the Book of Enoch
And the book of the Palaces

He is regarded as a youthful archangel

Enoch the great grandfather of Noah
Was transformed into the angel Metatron

The soul of Metatron forms the Cosmic Cube
Which was a celestial hexagon divided into diagonals
And equatorial triangles

This 4 dimensional cube is also the Tesseract and the Kirkisani
Which are the ones occupying the divine throne
Next to the Throne of Glory
They were the second power in heaven

These 2 sets of four were also the 4 wheeled chariot described by Ezekial
Which was driven by 4 living creatures that sparkled like topaz

Chariot also means the Merkabah
Which means soul which was the soul of Metatron

The 4 wheels of the chariot
Is also the burning angels
That appear like flashes of fire and lightning
Who power the chariot

This is also the cherubin with the 4 heads in Revelation
Of a man ox eagle and lion

They are the Ophanim and Chayot
Who are controlled by God on the Throne

They are the heavenly host
Who would sing Gods praise

This is the angelic adoration of Isiah
Of God who is in the innermost palace

The 4 Chayot angels are the ones closest to God
The 4 Ophanim angels are the 4 interlocking gold wheels
Of the chariot in Ezekials vision

This can also be seen in the 4 evangelists and the 4 gospel writers
Placed in the corners around Jesus
In early depictions

Psalms 18:10 says God soared on the wings of the Cherubim
The Cherubim were the wheels of the chariot
And the wheels had eyes all around them

To behold the throne of glory
Made one tremble with great terror!