5D astro plane beings have come into our realm

Riding the wings of programmable non terrestrial black matter
Which then manifests into archons or demons

Democracy is a euphemism for demon rule

Spectors and vampiric entities are now trolling our world
Looking for human bodies to invade or possess

Humans have become digital zombies hooked to their cell phone
And glossy eyed TV watchers
Repeating what television tells them

We are actually in 4D now
But most people are still in 3D

False beliefs and negativity keeps one in 3D
As well as trauma

You have to detach yourself from the trauma
Or you will be stuck in the old paradigm

4D is a higher frequency and has more awareness
3D allows you to only see a certain reality

Morality and righteous anger will put you on a higher level

If you are in 4D you will have manifesting abilities

When your consciousness is elevated to a higher octave
You will also change your physical manifestation
And your life expression will alter

A good sign that you have ascended is when you hold respect for all other life
We are meant to live in harmony with nature and the animal kingdom
Consuming other species is a violation of universal law

What we see in the world today is a manifestation of programming
That takes away our humanity

We are under the spell of an artificial blueprint

The circuitry of the ultraviolet spectrum plane
Which determines how humans perceive themselves
Has been infiltrated

And we have lost connection to our heart soul

We are run by our ego minds focused only on our own profit

What good is it if a persons gains the whole world
But loses their soul!