Light entering the eye triggers chemical reactions in the retina
These produce electrochemical impulses that travel along nerve fibers to the brain

The brain analyzes the data it receives
Then creates its own picture of what is out there

You experience only the image in your mind
It is a way of informing the consciousness

All the colors of the rainbow which we see
Come from just a narrow frequency on an infinite electromagnetic spectrum

We see violet but not the higher frequencies of ultraviolet or gamma rays
We see red but not the lower frequencies of infrared microwave or radio waves

The color we see appears in the mind in response to its frequency of light
Color exists only as a subjective experience in the mind

There is no sound just vibrating air molecules of specific patterns
Smell is just various combinations of substances that cause a chemical reaction
And changes the structure of atoms

Sight sound and smell have no independent existence without a sentient observer
All require the key element of consciousness
To mystically transform these energetic emanations
Into intricate and amazing everyday situations

The 2 trees of Valinor reach to an enormous stature in a paradisical realm
One was silver and the other gold
They produced dew that is of a pure liquid form with a magical light

Cupid was an actual orb of light
That would increase libido when under its influence
He originally was pictured holding a torch

Suits of armor were worn because of direct energy weapons that existed back then
Vibratory weapons can be beamed through sound
The weapons were amplified by the influx of electricity

A pillar of fire shot up from the earth and touched the sky
It then broke into 4 parts which was the cross in front of Venus
Venus was the Eye of Saturn when it was positioned right in front of it

Each time the pillar of fire shot up it hit the Eye
Saturn was known as the Great Golden Bull of Heaven
And his eye was the Bulls Eye

The fire waxed to heaven
But the Eye fought against the beam
In order to quench it

During this time when the air is electromagnetically charged with incoming plasma
Inanimate objects will come to life
Life forms will be animated and will not need sleep

Cave drawings are fake
In order to push evolution and primitive past narratives

Nuclear radiation is a lie
The elite are planning to use this as a scare tactic

When the fake war comes to America
It will be said

Elevated radiation levels detected
Near multiple population centers in your area
Seek immediate shelter!