Through films such as 2001 A Space Odyssey
Star Trek and Star Wars
And all other ones who deal with a space invasion

And Jurassic Park which deals with the theory of evolution

People have been psychologically prepped
For a gigantic space show
With 3D optical holograms and illusions

Different holographic images in various parts of the world
Will be in different languages

Cathode ray tubes on the sun simulator
And from also behind the moon
Will modulate accelerate and deflect electron beams onto the sky screen to create images

Their lensing array creates a lens flare which reveals holographic projections

By spraying barium which is more refractive than glass
And other metals such as aluminum and strontium
Then photo ionizing them by zapping them from HAARP installments
Which are 13 ground based gyrotron systems located all over the world
An electromagnetic field is created which is perfect for a sky screen

But it does not stop there
Scalar wave technology includes the whisking away of populations
In rapture style to never never land

Laser lightning bolts attracted to anyone with more conductivity than the surrounding air
Such as those with metal teeth fillings
And plasma guns that are drawn to the metal chassis of cars can be utilized

The spray and zap method where electromagnets in chemtrails are the medium
Can be done by the transmitters in cell phone towers

Barium means bury them with hidden psychotronic weapons
It is now in rainwater thanks to the spraying by the US Air Force

Air Force chemtrails work in tangent with the Navys RFMP
Which is the Radio Frequency Mission Planner

The huge golf ball looking buildings are steering mechanisms
Using Doppler Radar they can create and steer clouds
To generate atmospheric ionized weather patterns
In order to produce directed energy weapons

Such as the ones that were used in Paradise California and other places
But which avoided hitting corporate gas stations

This technology can instantly produce raging forest fires
And also just as quickly put them out

Earthquakes and volcanoes are set off by remote control of electromagnetic waves

Just do it means just dew it
Or direct energy weapon it

We are being attacked by lasers from heaven!