Nano sized graphene based robotic electrode devices
Are lodged in our brains from the aerosol in chemtrails and vaccines

The vaxxed will have a lot more
Because the devices are injected directly into the bloodstream

When 5G is cranked to a certain frequency
Many will have instant access to The Cloud

The Cloud is the upper ionized atmosphere
The heavy metals from the chemtrails were pulsed with high energy electromagnetic radiation

As particles lost or gained electrons they became ionized
The ambient air has been magnetized into a plasma field

It is nowcovalent bonds a giant lattice of conductive covalent bonds referred to as The Cloud
The Cloud is connected to and run by the AI supercomputer

The highly conductive graphene in your brain will interface with The Cloud
And you will be a part of the Hive Mind

Graphene has 3 units of 6 carbon molecules or 666

The supercomputer which is also called The Beast will have access to your brain via The Cloud
Data will be put into your brain without your awareness

The super quantum computer will also simulate a reality for you without your permission
You will spend a lot of time in artificial realities

You will lose much of your individuality and all of your privacy
Your brain will be monitored 24/7

When you connect to The Cloud you will have instant internet access
And as part of the Hive Mind you can have instant access to other peoples minds

You can share memories and emotions just by thinking about them

The world is about to be radically changed!