As vaccines and pharmaceuticals scramble and unplug our DNA
As artificial electronic impulses assault our consciousness
As poor health and hell fire religion drain our spirituality

As demons nest inside human bodies
As clones get fitted with the souls of children

As Hollywood actors in their rise to the top
Go in a downward spiral to the dark side
And end up being replaced by a clone

As we are being conjured into accepting artificial intelligence and transhumanism
That will take over our minds

As WW3 is being faked in the news

As the Beast System is being implemented

As the script of the Book of Revelation is being played out by actors

As unborn babies from Planned Parenthood with no rights
Get sold to the vampiric elite for their breakfast meal

As children get tortured in sacrificial rights to make adrenochrome

As animals who are still babies get stuffed in cages to be food for unthinking humans

There are desperate attempts to quell the surging amounts of suffering

Higher frequencies are being directed our way
And are activating and reconfiguring dormant parts of our mind
The heart brain complex of our soul matrix is being ignited

Life codes of creation are being breathed into our energetic holographic architecture
Instigating positive personal transformation

Rewiring us and fixing the disconnection that has been forced upon us!