The Grand Canyon is about 400 kilometers long
Which is approximately 277 miles

It is 8 kilometers wide
And 2 kilometers deep

It is on an elevated landscape
Water would around it
Not through it

The canyon was created by a mega lightning strike

It is a Lichtenburg Figure
Which is a gigantic lightning scar

That would account for the steep walls
And the brachiated side channels that have no water
Which join the canyon at right angles

An enormous electrical discharge
Would strip away the rock
And remove it to another location
That would account for there being no debris
At the mouth of the Colorado River

The Hualapai relate how their god Packithaawi
Created the canyon by striking the ground with a club or knife

The Ute tell how Tavwoats rolled a raging stream to create the gorge

The Hopi say it was created by Tiyo

It is also said that Paul Bunyan made it by dragging his axe

These are personified Mars gods
And the canyon was created in the previous age
When Mars periodically descended towards the earth plane
And issued forth a planetary lightning bolt

The regular appearance of Mars was the coming of the Son of God

Our history has been rewritten
And before the advent of the current power structure
A race of Giants who built the pyramids were overthrown

They had moved into the Grand Canyon
And were 15 to 18 feet tall

In an area which is forbidden to enter
An underground city of giant skeletons was found
Shrines with an enormous Buddha
Sarcophagi with mummies
Vaults with statues
And strange hieroglyphic writings were discovered

Pyramids were erected in the Grand Canyon
Now called the Cheops Tower and Isis Tower
These were destroyed by energy weapons

And the Giants were killed by sound waves
Technology that the Giants themselves had engineered

The Grand Canyon is not 400 million years old
The creation and subsequent attack by high energy weaponry
Are both only hundreds of years old