Animals do not want to die
They value their lives as much as we do

They try to avoid pain
Just like we do

Over 95 percent of the animals we eat
Are still babies
And are kept in cages or small confinements all their life

The meat dairy and egg industries tell big lies
Which the general public do not question

All animal products are the result of extreme cruelty

Animal flesh is loaded with unhealthy fat
The body cannot use it and has a hard time breaking it down
So it is stored
It blocks arteries veins
It smothers cells and organs
Causing all sorts of health problems

Baby cows are killed so we can steal the milk from the mother
That was intended for the baby cow

Female cows are continually raped with a rape rod
So that they can become pregnant and lactate
They are spent after 4 or 5 years and hauled to the slaughterhouse

Cows milk has hormones which are also very hard to digest
Thus people are lactose intolerant
Cows milk is meant to turn a calf into a 800 pound cow

Cows milk causes inflammation in humans
Which creates allergic reactions asthma and acne

Animal protein is acidic and hard to digest
Proteins are easily made by genes
They are composed of amino acids which the body produces
The few amino acids the body does not make
Are easily obtained from plants

Eggs are the menstrual period of a hen
They are not healthy

A slaughterhouse is hell on earth

When you eat animal products you pay for someone
To put a knife to the throat of an innocent animal

Go vegan
And achieve a higher vibration!