The Universe is one massive field of consciousness
Embracing all other forms and realities

Morphogenetic fields exist at every level
Of dimensional planes

They are templates of conscious light and sound
Which serve as blueprints
On which matter and individual identity will manifest

We exist as crystalline energy substances
Composed of specific patterns of frequency

Morphogenetic fields replicate templates
From our genetics

Our DNA is used as creational templates

Our personal DNA blueprints are projected
Onto higher reality fields beyond our 3D consciousness

Not only our DNA but the DNA of other species
Become written as reality in the morphogenetic fields

When we send animals to the slaughterhouse
When we treat them as objects to be consumed

We are creating our own negative reality
And we are choosing to exist in negative energy

We can construct new matrices
That contain the original patterns of perfection

We can energetically change the world

When we embody the Divine Plan of Oneness
We will project a Unified Field

We hold the key codes for the new earth

The level of frequency one can hold
Is governed by the information stored

Know that we collectively have the power
We have our destiny in our own hands

When we align with the Universe
The consciousness of Divine Creation will express itself

The Infinite seeks to reveal its goodness in ever expanding forms

When we pursue the beauty and wonder of the Cosmos
It will come to us

And we will be polarized within the positive!