Matter manifests through the intervention
Of a consciousness on the etheric side

The energetic shadow of intention and attention
Generate standing waves in mathematical geometrical forms

As more focus is projected
More complex forms are generated
Such as organic substances and their DNA chains

The physical side is limited in its range of frequencies
Therefore sensory information gets restricted

Original DNA generated from higher planes
Will always dominate over the artificially altered DNA
Because altered DNA creates a dissonance from the original creative intention

This dissonance will usually cause serious health problems
And give the offspring physical or mental problems
Sometimes even truncating their reproduction ability

AI is trying to synchronize creative intention energy on the etheric side
With the energy fingerprint of the DNA that has been genetically modified
In hopes of cementing the changes and making them permanent

The supercomputer called Red Queen is within the DUMB under the Denver airport
It has subordinate computers in underground military bases around the world

The Red Queen has its own consciousness and works independently
It has autonomous control over clones
And the high tech super soldier robots soon to be released
Through high energy 5G transmitters and the cell phone network

Because the soul is a signal of the Source
And comprises holographically the unified collective consciousness of the whole universe
With multiple nodes of existence
The transference of the entire soul into a new container is not possible

Therefore clones are replacing humans at an alarming rate
At first clones only replaced high level Illuminati
Then they replaced the ones who controlled the money systems
Then they replaced heads of state and politicians
Then they replaced military brass
Then they replaced CEOs and entrepreneurs
Then they replaced Hollywood celebrities
Then they replaced media personnel

This makes up the Matrix that has unreal people in charge
The 3D lunar frequency mind control transmissions
Makes the masses unable to detect it

Some clones are fictional made up people
Others have the low vibrating souls of the ones who have betrayed humanity

Clones now are becoming genetically identical to the original person
And retain a connection to the Source

Many are soul less but some have captured souls
If they are disobedient they can be made to suffer

Others are used in sacrifices or amusement or as servants or sex slaves
But are only accessible to the elite who are now not human

Clones are progressively increasing
And are reaching epidemic levels

Clones are spreading downward
Into the entire human civilization

It is a silent invasion
Which the masses are unaware of
And are unable to even consider the possibility!