Hurricane Ian was an artificial weather system
It was amplified electrically and digitally directed

A 160 tower array of sophisticated microwave technology called Nexrad
Can shoot high frequencies in any direction

It can create hurricanes and move them in anywhere
It can drive up the moisture content then stop the hurricane
And flood a desired area

It can redirect the jet stream
It can collide atmospheric winds
And create a polar vortex

When the atmosphere has been saturated with electrically conductive elements
The air mass can be migrated and engulfed with moisture

There is a Nexrad transmission facility in Key West
Just south of where hurricane Ian made landfall
And there is one in Melbourne
Both were fully engaged

Ian became a category 5 hurricane overnight
Then stopped for a few hours after landfall
Then just suddenly took off towards the northeast

It inundated the whole area
Some places were under 25 feet of ocean water
It submerged buildings
And wiped out the infrastructure

Raytheon and Lockheed Martin are the patent holders for Nexrad technology
They are also the ones who supply the meteorologists of all the nations weather forecasting
It is because they are the ones producing it

Their employees are under a legal gag order not to disclose any information about geoengineering
Pay offs are also used to keep the manipulation of the weather out of public consciousness
Meteorologists are just media personalities following a script

Geoengineering was happening back in 1947 with Project Cirrus
In 1962 there was Project Storm Fury
And weather change operations in the Vietnam and Iraqi wars

Along with the Nexrad created Typhoon Noru
Which caused extensive damage in the Philippines and Vietnam

These hurricanes will be used to accelerate the climate change narrative
Which will be used for the carbon footprint social credit money system!