We are divine spiritual beings
With observation we can bend light into form
And affect our reality
Because light descends into mass

We are a conglomerate of diversified light
Whose harmony is up to us

All the structures in our body
Communicate through bio photonic light

Our views affect our health
The fear of death inhibits us in our spiritual journey

Emotional trauma is cellular shock
Which can be released

Stress and anxiety create abnormalities
And result in illness

The nutritional aspect is very important
Acidic foods build mold toxicity
Bacteria from meat reduces the bioflora in our stomach

Our connection to our spiritual self
That lies in the higher dimensions outside of time
Is crucial to our awareness

We can actually contact our future self and ask it for help

We are dreaming this life simulation
Your higher self is projecting your consciousness into this lower realm

Our spirit and our physical being is projected light
We can regenerate ourselves with electrical light and sound
That have higher vibrational states

Ultraviolet blue light has sacred geometry
It detaches stress and creates healing

Methylene blue is a peptide that gives direct electricity to our mitochondria
Blue spirulina is a superfood
Crystal clear blue water regenerates us

As we observe a thought we create matter
That matter is what we wear as our body

We are each on our own unique journey
Look inside yourself
Examine your spirituality

What we think and believe makes us who we are!