1) Did you know the human body is not able to survive high frequency radiation over long periods of time such as emitted by 5G technology and LED lights and it is intentional slow kill?
2) Are you aware that smart node technology is now being put on street lights and each node will have 4 cameras and it will constitute many tens of thousands of cameras in each city spying on you 24-7?
3) Did you realize in the distant past many mountains, peaks and overhangs were fashioned into animal and human forms and quite a few have been deliberately destroyed and the ones that remain even partially are either ignored or given a false explanation?
4) Did you know the Arc of the Covenant produced an electrical vibration which caused the walls of Jericho to fall to the ground?
5) Could it be that the reason the Arc of the covenant bears a striking resemblance to the ‘barque of Amon Ra’ as depicted on the Temple of Karnak in Egypt is because they were both fashioned after the same cosmic configuration?
6) Can you believe that the reason the Israelites marched 7 times around the City Walls of Jericho is because their god Saturn surrounded himself with 7 rings that were actually plasmatic discharges that were magnetically attracted to the Primary resulting in spirals of vibration and encircling matter?
7) Can you conceive that this is the same reason why Moslems race around the Ka’aba in Mecca 7 times?
8) Can you accept this is also the same as the Ring Dance of the Angels as described by Basil the Great?
9) Are you knowledgeable of the fact that the reason Moslems say they race around the Ka’aba is to become one with the angels circling the Throne of God?
10) Are you aware that Shiva is also the Lord of the Dance and that is because Saturn along with it’s many plasmatic moons reverberated from increased charge?
11) Are you cognizant that the ancient historian Lucian wrote about the Round Dance of the Stars and that this dance came into being at the Creation?
12) Are you informed that the Apocryphal Book of the Acts of John describes the Dance of Jesus where the apostles walk around Jesus in a circle singing hymns and this has the same origin?
13) Are you familiar with the Navajo Sun Dance as well as the circumambulatory processions of other Native American tribes and that these also have their basis in the same event?
14) Are you open to the fact that the fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral was the result of an energy weapon?
15) Did you know that no one can sail beyond the 60 degree Parallel without an approved military escort?
16) Did you realize that previous civilizations had no use for oil because energy was free and drawn straight from the ether?
17) Can you conceive of the fact that the whole idea of a slaughterhouse is the result of human depravity?
18) Is it possible that the reason why humans are indifferent to animal suffering and try to defend it is because of their low vibration?
19) Are you aware that healthy gut bacteria will make Vitamin B12 as well as all the B vitamins and that the reason cows have a lot of B12 is because they are injected with it so that they don’t get sick and die before the animal slave owner can make money off of them?
20 Did you know that at factory farms where 99% of the cows humans eat originate they are showed no compassion and are treated as objects and fed an unhealthy diet such as GMO corn and GMO soy and so have unhealthy gut bacteria and low amounts of B vitamins?
21) Are you also aware that all animals are butchered at a very young age and when you eat animal products you are eating the corpses of baby animals?
22) Did you realize that diamonds are plentiful and that if you try to sell your diamond ring back to the jeweler they would regard it as almost worthless?
23) Are you insightful enough to realize that when an entertainer or public figure talks of their poor beginnings it is a lie and they are actually from very wealthy and connected families?
24) Why is it hard to realize that water and wind cannot cut stone and that the explanation for the Grand Canyon being formed by the Colorado River is total BS?
25) Is it beyond the realm of most people’s knowledge that the ancient Tibetan city of Dukezong in Shangri-La County in SW China was purposely burned to the ground by energy weapons in 2014?
26) Did you know that the ancient gods Bacchus and Dionysus the Gods of wine, dancing and revelry also had their beginnings in the oscillating or pulsating motion of Saturn at the Creation?
27) Why would Jesus change water to wine and give the wedding attendees a buzz so that they could enjoy the wedding when in other parts of the Bible drunkenness is described as a sin?
28) Could it be that the ideas of changing water to wine and walking on water have their roots when in the former sky the red plasma orb Mars entered the atmosphere of Saturn which was described as an ocean and changed the color of at least part of it to red.
29) Did you know that a common Jewish name in the 1800’s and early 1900’s was Adolph?
30) How can satellites circle a non existent globe?