The stars rotate around Polaris
Which is fixed on the north celestial pole
The stars return to their exact position every year

The earth is stationary

If the earth was a spinning planet
Orbiting the sun and racing through space

The stars and constellations would continually change
And never return to their original position

When we look at history we see grand buildings of amazing design
But at the same time people are running around on horses and buggies

All the massive stone structures and their elegant interiors
Are supposed to be hauled either by slave labor or carts pulled by horses
Or by rolling or dragging them on the ground

Railroad tracks are supposed to have been laid by the sudden appearance
Of massive amounts of Chinese who had superhuman strength

They are said to plow through mountains of granite at incredible speed
While building remarkable bridges and tunnels and turntables

And hauling in foundational gravel and wood along with iron railings
That weigh approximately 1 ton every seven feet

Places like New York City and Germany
Had electric sky trains or monorails

The current narrative has them before the advent of the car
Which is supposed to be in 1908

The first airplane was supposed to be in 1914

After the reset of 1811 to 1817
Many Tartarian cars were incinerated or hauled off to wrecking yards

Luxurious blimps which were the Tartarian preferred method of travel
Were used until the manufactured Hindenburg disaster and declared unsafe

The Vietnam War was not only for the takeover of the SE Asia drug trade
It destroyed many historically advanced ancient structures in the jungles

World War 2 destroyed many grand old Tartarian buildings in the cities of Japan and Germany

China has covered their pyramids with soil and trees and declared them off limits
While the ones in other countries are passed off as burial mounds for Kings and Pharaohs

Buried cities all over Europe annihilated by high energy weaponry
Are passed off as ancient Roman towns

When we realize we had free energy
And highly advanced peaceful civilizations in the past

That we are part of a grand celestial design

We will quit allowing ourselves to be played!