Early in 2023 it will be declared
That there are tens of millions of monkeypox cases
That are resistant to the vaccines currently out

The illness will be the result of 5G microwaves set at a certain frequency

Sometimes in neighborhoods a sudden so called outbreak will occur
And many people end up dying
It is actually because of a turning up of 5G microwave radiation that penetrates ones cells

The upping of the 5G frequency is planned for early next year
Masks and lockdowns will return
People will obey these emergency pandemic measures

They will then bring out the self administered micro needle array patch
And it will be sold as an easy way to vaccinate yourself

The needles will break off and form a invisible tattoo
This will be the Mark of the Beast

It will shine incandescently under ultraviolet light
And there will be scanners at all entrance ways
To only allow those with the Mark to enter

The food shortage will be blamed on monkeypox

The Chinese Missile Cruiser and the Russian Naval Vessels
Seen near Alaska was a stage event

The rhetoric of a US nuclear response
To any Russian nuclear attacks in the Ukraine is all a fake paradigm

Making a nuclear weapon it is said involves the compression of the nucleus of an atom 5 times
And the sudden release creates a surge of energy

Nuclear weapons are fake and the compression of an atom is impossible

War will create fear and people will look to the fake government for protection

The end game is to create synthetic non gender humans
That is why gender identity confusion is promoted in school

We are being prodded to the slaughterhouse
We are building our own stun guns knives and gas chambers

Now is the time to detox as much as possible
Bentonite clay Diatomaceous earth Borax Activated charcoal
Eating healthy fruits and vegetables are essential

A positive attitude will put one on a positive path

The mRNA in vaccines create misfolded proteins
The peptide sequence in the synthetic injected genes will affect other proteins

This is the transhuman agenda
To create a third strand of DNA
And a race of hybrids for spirits

Unless you have a healthy immune system you will have big problems!