The energetic momentum of a frequency is what you create
According to the understanding of your consciousness

If you continue with the belief system of illness
You carry the vibrational sequence of it from one reality to another
And you keep printing onto the field the same illness on and on

You can manipulate the structure by shifting your consciousness
And you will transform the structural momentum of the illness
Bringing about a new reality

You change your DNA fractal by changing your belief system
By doing so the data of vibration that carries the illness will be removed

Everything ends up as a frequency
Every remedy has a certain vibrational sequence
So download the frequency of healing in your consciousness

The universal vibration is of the heart
It is easy to manifest if you have the heart vibration

Spontaneous remission is possible when you crystallize a new timeline
The power of the heart structure can shift you permanently into a new reality

Your hologram is not only a wave it is a dense frequency
Shift your waveform by shifting your beliefs and emotions
And you put a different modality into your hologram

You neutralize an illness by telling yourself everything is perfect
By giving a gratitude for it you project a positive outcome

The quantum structure will mimic your emotions
And your thoughts will come back to you!