Smart dust is nano tech biosensors
Which electronically links humans
To artificial intelligence interface

It is synthetic telepathy
And will implant thoughts

It will also be used for surveillance
To identify dissenters
And for putting individuals in complex simulations

It will create a hive mind of compliant humans

It is now being sprayed
And the accumulation of smart dust will create smart cities

As millions of nano bots run through our bio neurology
We will automatically connect to the internet
Which will become a virtual reality
Contributing to soul fragmentation and lost souls
Making soul capture easier

Asleep humans will not have any perceptual awareness
That their external reality they are experiencing
Is an AI simulated interface

AI signals running through human cells
Suspends free thought and creates programmable automatons

The aggressive psy op of a witches brew of vaccines
Which inject nano chips and biosensors
Directly into the bloodstream
Is for the fusion of human biology with AI machines

When humans are controlled in this way
Their biological light energy can be harvested

And they can be used by disembodied phantom entities
To incarnate into this realm

Pharmaceuticals are also filled with nano tech and with poisons

The injections of babies coming into this world
Which continue on through to the way out
Is to capture our consciousness and disconnect us spiritually
And to negatively affect our physical health

Heightening human misery feeds the alien grid system
Which is superimposed on our organic grid architecture

People are now secretly being plunged into the hive mind net
And are being a conduit for artificial frequencies

But the ascension cycle is upon us
And very sensitive souls from beyond the stars
Have come to help the world
Move into higher consciousness!