The human body is a bi polar electrochemical mechanism
Electrolytic combustion or oxidation takes place in the intracellular fluid
This energy conversion supplies the electricity which is the vital force of all organisms

A healthy cell is composed of the proper relationship between alkaline and acidity
The correct ratio is 80 percent alkaline and 20 percent acidic

Individual cells keep the flame of life burning
If a cell becomes too acidic it dies
Many deaths are the result of the imbalance of acid and alkaline

Most fruits vegetables and herbs are alkaline
Almonds are alkaline
Alkaline foods should be 80 percent of your diet

The food guide pyramid promotes acidic foods
And is not a healthy diet

It was developed by the beef and dairy industries who wanted to promote their products
Which are the result of animal slavery and suffering
Animals were never meant to be chopped up and eaten

These same corrupt industries also pay big money to the educational system
To endorse the consumption of animal parts
The propaganda has made it common and people do not think twice about it

Animals bred to be devoured by humans do not have any rights
The control system has made people believe it is OK to abuse them

A virus cannot live outside a body
Unlike bacteria and fungus

A virus is a mutated cell and needs an acidic environment to thrive

The Covid 19 virus like other past planned demics
Had to be injected into people

Viruses are not swarming outside the body
Viruses inside the body will be killed in an alkaline environment

The whole idea is ridiculous and absurd of needing to be vaccinated against a virus that cannot live outside a body
And that can be eliminated by a healthy alkaline environment inside the body

The food guide pyramid of the beef and dairy industry is promoting death
Not only in animals but in humans
It promotes an acidic meat based diet that turns the body into a haven for viruses

And it is also beyond crazy to wear a mask against viruses that cannot live outside the body

Negative food will put you in a negative timeline
What you eat and what you think is what you become

We are trained not to believe our own intuition
But do what we are told

When we do we give up our power and our divinity!