Cognitive dissonance
Is the unwillingness to use critical thinking

Many people have isolated themselves
And are eager to take the vaccine

Some already have
And will see terrible side effects
Appearing in February or March

There will also be a rising death toll
Especially among the elderly

Seattle fireman Strike Teams
Administer the vaccine to the elderly
In convalescent homes

When the 5g switch is thrown
Later in the year
It will open up more pores in the cells
Enabling the easy access and rapid spread
Of viral integration into the nucleus

And the affects will become even more apparent
As viral replication of the chimeric DNA
Transcribes itself onto the host DNA

There are 18 inserts of HIV
Which is a retrovirus
In the injected strand of genes

Genes are made up of nucleic acids
That carry a genetic code or sequence

The enzyme protease is used
To produce a copy of the virus
Breaking up the poly protein chain
To allow binding

The virus is what changes the DNA

And there will be a lifelong infection!