As one moves up the vibrational scale of realities
There is more light and colors are very beautiful

There is more laughter and singing of birds
Sound and color blend together
Wonderful music is not only heard but seen

No one enters this realm by chance
What we focus on in the material world will become manifest

Integrity is a program linked to your soul
And it is running in the background of your journey

Some are ignorant of it
While others are born with it at full volume and never switch it off

Empaths are described as being overly sensitive and easily stimulated
They absorb the emotions of others whether it be humans or animals
And are more attuned and rhythmic to higher energies

They are from the upper realities and their aura is more stretched out
They are referred to as Star seeds or Indigos

We all are on the playing field of earth
Our heart is the frequency that will determine where we will go

When you walk into another’s aura field
You know where they stand

We are free but many do not realize it
The structure can be mobilized and we can create new sequences
But through fear we consent to other’s negative timeline

Pull away from the negative holograms because they do not last

Wake up to who you really are
Know thyself
Understand that you are divinity within

Cultivate the ability to laugh and you will cultivate joy
Humor promotes optimism cheerfulness and hopefulness

Make at least 3 people smile or laugh each day
And you will be also helping yourself

You will rise up in the vibrational scale of realities
Where life is more beautiful!