Medical doctors in California and elsewhere cannot talk to patients
Outside of the current official script
Or they risk losing their license

They cannot mention nanobots contained in hydrogel that are in the injections
The nanobots are micro sized machines that walk around your body assembling into larger structures

Nanobots receive and transmit impulses and become an antennae for EMF frequency
They are triggered by signals emitted from smart phones
And from the toxic micro radiation of 5G towers

As voltage is produced by the nanobots inside you
Your red blood cells line up in string like patterns
Which can cause clotting

As nanobots are controlled by outside frequencies the body becomes like a cyborg
But a certain frequency can also collapse nanobots and they will be flushed out

When we realize what is going on
We can focus our minds upon our higher selves
And connect to a healing vibration

Organ music if tuned properly restores vigor and vitality to our bodies
The plasma infiltration of our world that is happening now is also producing healing

When we reflect on the God Consciousness our heart energy opens up
And vibrates our molecular structure at a frequency that restores our health

Imagine yourself as a hydroplasmic liquid diamond angelic being full of light
Speak of yourself as one in the present tense

Do not be a compliant masked zombie on synthetic drugs
Tuned into a phantom cybernetic AI metaverse

You are a fragmented version of the God Source
You hold all the power because you possess God Consciousness

A hologram holds the code sequence of a greater reality
We are holograms of that Greater Energetic Reality

Awareness of that is the key!