When you continually watch negative news movies and video games
The quantum field mimics those sequences
And they go right back to you

It shows you where you are in the structure
According to what you have accumulated

You are the projector
You infuse the image of who you wish to be
And reflect it onto the quantum structure

When you act positive and give from the heart
That will be the reality you create

You do not have to be a part of the negative construct
It does not matter what people did to you before
You can choose to exist at a higher vibrational level

Reality is like a TV screen with hundreds of channels simultaneously running
Your experience will be the one you tune into
Your remote control is your thoughts and feelings

Merge with your higher consciousness
Your body is an antennae for teleportation

The leaders of this world do not recognize love or compassion
They choose not to be in the positive
Pull away from their frequency and create your own

Fear will lock you into the 3D matrix
Where you will be used and disposed of

Thoughts and deeds become reality
Because they are imprinted into the quantum field

When you hold moment to moment a visualized image
You reconstruct sequences into a desired experience
By connecting consciousness to matter

We create plasma blueprints by our production of light and sound
Which are projected from our emotional powered thoughts that become frequencies

When 3 pixels of light and sound energy combine
The trinity of vibration creates a plasma instruction set

We flicker in time and space
Like a snapshot or picture form
And rapid shifting generates the illusion of movement

We are the creators!