The coming apocalypse is a transfer of neural knowledge
It is a data harvest of the Universal Mind

The torus at the north celestial pole is a neural pathway
The branches of the Tree of Life are dendrites

When the aurora borealis starts to form a pre explosion glow
And then shoots straight up into the sky
It is the earth consciousness transmitting impulses of information to the God Field

The end of an age is the conduction of plasmatic nerve cells
That carry informative livestream to the Divine Source

The appearance of the 2 witnesses
Is the energizing of the negative anode and the positive cathode on either side of the main column

When they divert to the middle and combine with the central axis
The ionized oxygen becomes a transparent bluish white

The upwelling singular column then meets the descending light
Which is the Spirit of The Lord or the Holy Ghost

The pathways of neurons do not conjoin
But the opposing terminals fire streams of electrical currents at each other
Which is the celestial synapse

Particles of plasma are the cosmic neural messengers
In the Mind of God

The bursting forth of the plasma column is the night of the 1000 suns
The suns are energetic orbs of plasma or ball lightning

Our realm is then flooded with incoming charged plasma
The internal negative charge becomes positive in our micro universe

The New Testament describes the Holy Spirit as flames of fire
Meeting the Lord in the air is not a good thing

The portal in the cracked dome will suck up the negative
If you are raptured it will mean you are not able to hold a higher positive charge

We are electromagnetic vibrating atoms
Of light and sound
With our own internal frequency

And our universe is a fractal or microcosm
Of a greater reality!