As 5G hits households in the suburbs
And in the smaller towns and communities
With no notice
People suddenly think this thing has gone too far
They want them to back off

Because now they are in the way
Of transmissions to a receiver
Of electrical microwave frequencies of 5G
That are 100 times more powerful than 4G

It’s not pleasant
And it’s so intrusive

It can cause sharp pain

It can cause headaches and dizziness
Due to the lack of oxygen

It penetrates your cells
And wears you down

But why should they back off
When all the sheeple
Are doing exactly as they are told

The next step using 5G
Is to hook us up 24-7
Directly to the central computer
Which they control

That would put us in another matrix
Besides the one we are already in

To be able to accomplish this
They are planning to change our DNA
and make us more synthetic

If they do these things
They will have
Total control!