In the 1920’s German physician Max Gerson cured people of tuberculosis and cancer by a raw vegetable and fruit diet
Meat was absolutely forbidden because it creates the build up of phosphoric acid which prohibits the body from functioning properly

In the 1930’s Harry Hoxley cured people of cancer after he started prescribing the plants growing in the area
Which had cured his Stallion of cancer

In the 1940’s Rene Caisse cured people of cancer when she prescribed the herbs the local native Indian tribe had been using

In the 1940 and 1950’s Royal Rife built a microscope that killed unhealthy cells by bombarding the microbes with a specific light frequency

In the 1970’s Geerd Hamer used a holistic mind body connection approach to cancer

Recently Rick Simpson of Nova Scotia cured himself of cancer with cannabis oil and started giving it to others free of charge
The THC in the plant kills cancer cells and promotes the regeneration of healthy cells

Actress Suzanne Somers cured her cancer with mistletoe

Ernest Krebs used apricot kernels which have abundant vitamin b-17 to cure cancer

Mistletoe has been used in certain parts of Europe to kill cancer

But the only treatments that are allowed by the American Medical Association are
Radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and pharmaceuticals
And the cancer rate keeps going up