Right off of Highway 3
The Scenic Byway in North Idaho
There is a big hill called Medimont
It has 42 huge crystal sedimentary boulders on the upper part
It has 26 granite boulders in the middle
And 42 basalt boulders near the bottom

At the trailhead there are 16 more granite boulders
which were probably pushed down from the middle area

So 3 layers of 42 boulders
Amongst a silty and clay wetland and conservation area
Where the Coeur d’Alene River runs through

There used to be railroad tracks
Which have been turned into a bike path

There are also canals with small old bridges forming lakes
Cave Lake Swan Lake and Medicine Lake
These were built by the former culture

Medimont Hill acted as a electrical receiver
Gathering atmospheric energy
Which in times past was more concentrated

The natural occurring minerals in Medicine Lake were energized

People used to ride the train to there

It was a place of healing!