In the 1980’s news of this killer sex virus shocked the world. Liberace and Rock Hudson became celebrity victims. It was predicted this would spread around the world if an antidote wasn’t found. Billions each year has been poured into research. But this mysterious virus has yet to be isolated. So the cure they always say is still a few years away.

The gay community has been the hardest hit. But why should it stay primarily in homosexuals? And why should it stay primarily in men? It should spread everywhere but it hasn’t. It is supposed to be an infectious disease. Mutating and evading. Hiding in lymph nodes and then striking without warning.

The list of inflictions that are now deemed to be the result of the HIV virus keeps growing. So now the percentage of people with HIV but without AIDS is 95% of the total cases.

Could it be that there is another reason why peoples’ immune system gets weakened? Could it be the result of a lifestyle that includes drug use?

The gay lifestyle includes numerous partners daily. So viruses such as gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis, and herpes are transferred regularly. The thin lining in the rectum causes bleeding to occur. This makes for an easy transportation route to the bloodstream for these viruses as well as foreign proteins.

Also nitrates (poppers) are taken on a regular basis to improve sexual performance. These nitrate inhalants are known immune suppressors. The chemical lubricants used are toxic. To combat these viruses huge amounts of antibiotics are also swallowed which wear down the immune system.

In order for AIDS to receive the huge amount of funding it has to be a disease that everyone can get. The lifestyle hypothesis would have prevented money being appropriated to AIDS research groups. And any insinuation of it being a lifestyle problem is met with being called homophobia. Any scientist who questions the political correct notion of AIDS being the result of a killer virus gets their funding revoked.

What is given to people diagnosed with aids? It is AZT – by far the most toxic drug ever prescribed. AZT was deemed too poisonous for cancer patients because it destroys DNA synthesis of reproducing cells. Even FDA officials warned against using AZT.

So what is going on is people are getting a false positive blood test because their illness is being wrongly diagnosed. Then they are given a highly toxic drug which destroys their health and govt. institutions, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies are raking in the profits.