Phase 1 vaccinations for Covid 19 will start in December
Old people and first responders will be the ones to receive it

Phase 2 will begin in January or February
Targeting other groups

Then Phase 3 in maybe March

But it will be said
That people who have been vaccinated
Are still getting the virus

So along will come the so-called Anti Christ
Who in reality is just a front man

He will announce the solution
Which will be the micro needle array patch

He will also proclaim the answer for the economic crisis
That has been manufactured and blamed on the Corona Virus
Which also will be the micro needle array patch

It will connect you to The Blockchain
Which is the command and control system
That will hook you up to the new crypto currency Libra

This person will be held in great esteem

Then will come the advent of the fake Jesus
Or fake Krishna depending on where you are

He will rule over the subdued people
Who have a changed DNA
With a new religion

People who cannot think for themselves!