Television is a Tartarian invention of the previous era
It was used for the purpose of talking to the other side

When it was realized that they could be used for mass mind control
They were brought into the homes of people worldwide

Showing fake black computer graphic illustrated planes
Striking the World Trade Centers
And saying it was the work of terrorists driving hijacked planes

Then setting off the controlled demolition of thermite explosives
And saying it was the aluminum planes penetrating the concrete iron and steel enforced buildings
That caused them to explode and fall
Leaving melted metal on the ground
Is a prime example of how TV is used for mass mind control

Steel and iron will only melt at a very high temperature
A high energy force was needed to melt them and weaken the interior infrastructure
Which caused the buildings to fall
And leave molten steel and iron pools on the ground

When highly weaponized 5G GWEN towers are put up in every neighborhood
And using television commercials to say they are to improve internet connection
Is another example

By calling them cell phone towers people accept them even more
Why don’t they put cell phone antennae on some of the thousands of satellites
They say are orbiting around the spinning globe
That people down south stand upside down on
And is supposed to be racing around a huge sun 93 million miles away

93 is an Illuminati number
9 is an upside down 6 and three sixes equals 666

All images of a round earth are created in the computer

Television is being used to propagate the lie
Of an uncontrolled virus outbreak
In which we need to wear masks and stand 6 feet apart
And take a hideous shot that hardly anyone questions the contents of

We are in a phantom matrix

The sun and the moon are in close proximity to our flat earth plane
The moon is a machine
Blue energy beams are being shot from its surface
That changes the frequencies which enter our eyes

Our brain then interprets a different image
Creating an artificial holographic reality!