Klaus Schwab who is really a Rothschild
Said the pandemic offers a window of opportunity to reset the world

As their time is running out
The elite are getting desperate
And are unleashing various extreme control methods upon us

They have been dispersing aluminum oxide nano particles in the atmosphere for the past 30 years
Aluminum because it is electron deficient makes strong bonds with the electrons in our cells

This is an attempt to combat the electrical peak cycle
Which raises our vibration and awareness

The spraying first by nozzles strapped on aircraft
And now by smaller drone operated craft
Is to also raise the intensity of artificial electric fields
Priming us for an AI interface

Any foreign electrical disturbance in our body
Makes us feel anxious and irritated with the sensation of being harassed

The positioning of counterfeit blueprint schematics are programmed by AI
These closed loop systems are of inverted bi wave architecture
which collects the consciousness energy of the masses
And of the animals trapped in the farming system

They project reversal holograms and fake timelines

Their agenda is to bring chaos and upheaval

They have hybrid animals ready to be unleashed
Some are dinosaur like

They have created through hybrid genetics rats and snakes with wings

Cyborg soldiers are ready to go
As is a plague of demons

The most prevalent will be ape men
The Planet of the Apes movies are different scenarios of what could happen

Operation Pegasus and Operation Looking Glass
Are attempts to manipulate time

But crystal spirals of unity intelligence flow in our direction
The Cosmic Sovereign Law will be upheld

And the cognitive dissonance of humans will be like the snow in spring
Which melts and gives way to the life underneath which seeks to grow!