The first vaccine decreases your ability to produce white blood cells by 50 percent
The second dose decreases it by 25 percent more

So after 2 jabs 75 percent of your military is wiped out
And you then have a low immune response

The Covid virus is delivered in the vaccine
And the AIDS virus is in the vax to help deliver the genetic payload

81 strands of foreign bacteria are distributed in each booster shot

It becomes a losing battle
People are walking around now with no immune system and with HIV

This is population control
Most people have no idea they are under attack

These viruses did not just show up in some jungle somewhere
They are from a lab
And it all has been carefully planned

Legionaries disease was a virus put in a Philadelphia hotel

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda works as well as hydroxy chloroquine and is not toxic
It kills viruses and bacteria
Borax and bentonite clay do also while removing heavy metals taken in from chemtrails
Activated charcoal supports total body cleansing due to its highly absorptive properties

Acidity or PH is a very important factor
Acidosis is linked to cancer because it enables viruses to grow and spread
And increases tumor metastasis
Because it enables endocytosis which is the virus locking on to the docking platform of receptor cells

Eating meat dairy and processed food are all very acidic

Baking soda becomes bicarbonate in your stomach
And attracts hydrogen ions or protons
This is healing divine plasma

We are running through a maze
And there is a way out!