What we are in consent with determines our timeline
And what consciousness corridor we go through

The elite are trying to bypass guilt
And the spiritual rules of this realm
By making people have acceptance and willingness on their own

Our minds are being distracted to make bad things look good
People in their right minds would not put poison into their bodies
But that is what is happening every time you go to a normal supermarket
You are being poisoned with pesticides fungicides and glyphosate

We ignore inconvenient truths
And make deals at half conscious levels

Big Pharma and its vaccination campaigns
Are genetic hybridization programs
That make humans more susceptible to transhumanism

Carbon nanotubes are injected that conduct electricity
They have antennae that act as biosensors
Which can be remotely controlled by a quantum supercomputer

This is being mandated through forced injections into our bloodstream

These neural nanobots are full of toxins
And the heavy metals pull copper from the body
When no copper is available your nerves dissolve

The body will then use the barium strontium and iron
That is rained upon us in chemtrails
To regrow neural tissue

These metals are sensitive to external radiation
Copper was not

The nanobots have piezoelectric crystals that receives electrode signals

The body now has a new secondary brain
That emits radiation and accepts programming

This will disconnect us from emotions
And we will become more like robots

What we eat is so important
As well as internal cleansing

Heart based consciousness is now a slight voice in most people
Which is being turned off
By low frequency pulsations

Upgrade yourself
Align yourself with congruent frequencies
And fulfill your divinely designed higher expression!