We carry within us a divine flame
A fragment of cosmic energy
That is the source of the created reality

The flame is fueled by love and compassion
And the genuine desire to connect with all who exist

If we do not nurture the flame
By the cultivation of the values and virtues we wish to see flourish
It will diminish to a mere spark

To ignite it we need to listen to the call of our soul
Urging us to return to our true essence

In the vast universe of existence
We are all minuscule points of light

Each shining with a unique intensity and color
Bearing the responsibility to light our own path
And helping to illuminate the path of those around us

This tangible reality of perception
Is a drawing made from the winds of consciousness

All forms and manifestations are just different refractions of the same light
And healing is the shedding of an armor of beliefs that burden the soul

Fear is just a delusion
Doubt is a mirage
Anxiety is only a product of the mind
They are all mental fabrications which clamor for recognition

We are not our thoughts or emotions
We are the consciousness behind them
Which is our true self

We are the silent observer
The eternal endowed with infinite possibilities
Unraveling the deepest mysteries of existence

But the riddle intensifies
The external world is an extension of our essence
And the journey is an unveiling of who we have always been

We become entangled in the dance of duality
But as our resonance of love pulses within
Harmony will exist and unity will prevail

Our need for acknowledgement will become irrelevant
As we are unswayed by our minds whispers of inadequacy

Completeness does not lie in the embrace of another
Feelings of dependency bring loneliness and vulnerability

Find the treasures within
You are the master of your satisfaction
And you are the gold of self discovery!