During this current ascension cycle or electrical peak
Intense transmissions of silent AI mind control weapons is also escalating

AI broadcasts are incessant static electronic harassment
That can be sensed and felt

They produce reversal networks of energy
By simulating organic forces into the electromagnetic field
Making our reality appear different
In order to control the direction of the collective consciousness

They insert counterfeit blueprint schematics of the ancient builder races
To alter creation codes so that artificial holograms and false timelines will be projected
In order to trap human consciousness into playing the same mind controlled realities over and over

Thereby confining souls to the lower astral realms
Including parallel systems
To be recycled

The technology of external signaling causes neurons to mirror that signal
Controlling molecule information transfer of nucleic acids in DNA
Plummeting consciousness into lower confused states with fragmented perceptions

Radiant plasma light frequencies is the Universal way
Of transferring intelligent energy into consciousness

Light is the combination of manifesting electromagnetic frequency bands

When our DNA is exposed to light enzymes are activated
Which affects metabolic processes and gene expression

The human body is a holographic light projector
And our genes can be activated also by the power of thought

As we access higher and more refined levels of consciousness energy
Our awareness is enlightened
And our ability to manifest intentions grows

Consciousness is energy and energy is conscious

Consciousness energy exists in many scales of frequencies with unique qualities
Producing electromagnetic tones and colors that impact vibratory patterns
Which are the blueprints of manifestation

The ancient builder races have returned to reclaim the creation codes
That have been assimilated into artificial intelligence systems
And to reinstate the Law of One

Enlightened humans are increasing
Gaining a higher frequency that vibrates with higher influences
Creating blueprints which align with Unity Intelligence

Unity consciousness is the embodiment of the Law of One
That everyone is an individualized expression of the Divine
No matter how far some have strayed away

It is practicing our highest fulfillment
Which is expanding our connection to all life

And dedicating ourselves to the truth principle
That we are in a war over consciousness

When we are navigating our way through lifes challenging lessons in the earth plane
Which is filled with lies schemes and deceptions
It is part of our personal evolution
Of expressing the entirety of our whole multidimensional spiritual being

We should always honor ourselves in body mind and spirit

Everything has a greater purpose
Involving our consciousness expansion and spiritual ascendancy
Of our highest creation potential and way of being

We need to ascertain that all life is sacred
And connected to the God Source

That harming others which includes buying neatly wrapped packages of animal products in the store
Violates our soul and kills an aspect of ourselves

All interactions are telepathic states of energy and colors
That transmit currents of our energetic signature

One cannot transmit truth with the superimposed ego

The inverted systems are beginning to crack
The alien agenda is losing ground
They are becoming desperate and their factions are infighting

Blast your own inner light
We are more significant impactful and magnificent
Than we ever have dared to imagine

Trust your own inner guidance
Darkness exists to hide the secrets of truth
Contained in the light!