The Atlanteans were a patriarchal dominating culture
That was very materialized and scientific

The Lemurians were a matriarchal society
That was very balanced with nature
And attuned to natural laws
Practicing a unity consciousness

They coexisted with many tribal people
Who led simple lives

Being so advanced they were targeted
By the spiritual forces in the heavenly realms

At the conclusion of this conflict
There was a period of darkness

When the heavens and the celestial orbs went back online
It was the creation story
That was told by all cultures but in different ways

The world above was very active
Planetary orbs exchanging electrical energy or plasma

Being in close proximity and effecting the earth plane
It was very dramatic awe inspiring and even terrifying

When meaning was ascribed to this
It was the beginning of religion

Religion created a mystic harmony
And became popular

The Spirit of God or the love of God
Was actual energy flowing down the universal axis
Which was felt and experienced

Angels were plasmatic orbs
Centered around the throne of the Most High God
Who was Saturn

After awhile the Tartarian religion
Was infused with the Jesus belief system
By those who saw religion as a means of control

The former heavenly configuration eventually broke up
And the participants retreated to more remote areas
Creating the skies we see today

After hundreds of years of rewriting
The Bible was produced

The control system was put in place

The Tartarian religion became the Christian religion
Which today many millions of people
Believe is the literal word of God!