When on does not understand where exactly they are
It opens them up to many other illusions

We are surrounded by a wall of ice
And Antartica encircles us on our motionless earth plane

There is a portal in the Indian Ocean through the ice wall that leads to the next realm
And to the continent of Asgard
The continents of Geminia and Pitatia flank Asgard

The Neptunian Ocean separates Geminia and the Lands of Anak

On the other side of Pitatia there are the islands of Libris
Past Libris are the Moving Islands of Thoth
And the continent of the Ancestral Republic

A ring of mountains surround the second realm
With the Hades Bridge Range jetting outward

Below the Hades Bridge in the Ocean of Poseidon are the continental islands of Talos Atos and Argos
Further away is the Forgotten Island
Above the Hades Bridge in the Solitaire Ocean is the large continent of Amea

Byrds Strait named for Admiral Byrd cuts through another ice wall that leads into the 3rd realm
And the massive continents of Aeria and Eridania
The islands of Argyre are between them

Terra Cimmeria is south of Aeria and has a human colony

Further out are the Lands of Mars and the islands of Thyle 1 Elysium and Thyle 2
The Mare Erythraeum and the Nos Confunden mountains encircle the 3rd realm

The 4th realm has the Lands of the Angels
Beneath the Lands of the Angels are the Lands of Uriel
Both are surrounded by ice

Above the Lands of the Angels is Aldebaran A and Aldebaran B
Both are a series of islands and both are encircled by ice

Past the ice wall of Aldebaran A are the Lands of the Forgotten Past and the Lands of Silence
Beyond them is the huge continent of Andromeda which is encircled by ice
And further out are the islands of Honam and Biham

Below those islands are the Infinite Lands which are surrounded by mountains of ice
Next is the huge continent of Dimario
And right outside the ice wall of Dimario is the small island of Tierras De Los Dioses

South of Tierras De Los Dioses are the islands of Helvetius and Markab
Both have considerable ice masses surrounding them

The Lands of Time and the Four Crux Islands are below them
Next comes the Island of Del Misdo and the Frozen Island

I came from a land of bright suns and shadows deep
Where sunlight kisses fragrant flowers on mountains steep

Where golden gardens meet the sea grow
And where the winds of divine rejoicing blow!