Drastic geomagnetic recalibrations within the earth architecture
Is activating higher consciousness
And reconnecting mental fractures at higher layers of awareness
Shifting ones perceptual experience

Subconscious streams are surfacing
Pushing us to the next level of spiritual development
Anchoring us into a new timeline

Sensations of higher oscillating frequencies
Will exert pressure upon the physical body
As we experience these electromagnetic adjustments

Energy blockages of harmful habits will be released
And negative patterns will be peeled away
As our heart is opened revealing our authentic self

New grounding locations will impact our entire internal energy circuitry
As we receive a spectrum of frequencies from a larger system of collective energy

Ones consciousness embodiment enables them to access certain levels
This has formed soul groups synchronized into a larger group consciousness

The Paliadorian Covenant directs our location in the Universal Time Matrix
By recoding anti life current based in bi wave coding reversals
And networking energetic living light current
That merges into the tri wave current of unification and the Law of One

Paliadorians hold access into Universal Stargates
And the many interval transit stations
Which branch out into consciousness corridors

Negative entities have a great resistance
Toward the fulfillment of the Covenant of Paliador
Since fragmented souls are used for energy harvesting

The reversal Metatronic Field is designed to break down the astral bonds
And shatter the heart and soul
So that one cannot activate the atomic seed
And merge into the diamond crystal heart
That flows in the higher center of the thymus gland

Many people carry entity attachments
And reptilian genetic hybrid codes

These as well as mind control programs holographic inserts and implants
Are all for the imprisonment of consciousness
Which leads to misaligned beliefs and misaligned pathways
Giving us false identities and energy blockages

Particular humans are believed to be the personal property of certain alien entities
Who have laid claim to them

Do not give your power away
Do not reward psychopathic personalities

Align yourself with a positive value system
Be a visionary for good

When we live in harmony with our natural integrity
We live in harmony with ourselves
And increase the quality of life for everyone!