Your concept of yourself plays out automatically in the world you experience
Relationships reflect your imaginings

Your reality is based on what you feel inside
Remain in your ideal feeling for consummate relationships

Everything corresponds to what you think is real
When you see and feel yourself as ideal
Evidence of inherent perfection will occur

Love is life
Love is your divine center
It is your sustaining protecting and perfecting power

Regard each circumstance as an opportunity to express your inner perfection
It will make you superior to your circumstances and the opinions of others

By accepting yourself as the ideal person who you desire to be
You renew your mind and you bring yourself into an exciting new reality
Everything will appear automatically to reflect that ideal feeling

The exemplary way of speaking with yourself is saying
I am perfect now
I am in an idyllic state of consciousness
I only listen to the voice of my ideal
And I only manifest the Law of Love

If you regard yourself as the outcome of circumstances
You will fluctuate with every little change
Restrictive beliefs exist nowhere except in the mind

We think the same thoughts and hold the same opinions
Simply because we have done so in the past
The are a recurring program in the subconscious

You are the suggester and the suggestee
Through repetition you form idealistic habits and perpetuate them

Creative expressions embody what we imagine to be true of ourselves
Imagine attributes that you want to integrate internally

Identification with unnecessary beliefs creates resistance
What you resist persists

Go beyond shame based beliefs and the illusion of separation
Do what fans your fire

The heart is the beat of the universe
When you find your heart you find the strength to accomplish all things

Your body is a sacred place and a conduit of the mind
Your spirit dwells inside and animates outside

You are conducting a theatrical play
And the world dances to your tune

Our world is a magical theatre where the divine moves the body
You have a flame inside you to light your way
Do not let the flame die out

All intense emotions are to be experienced and released
You give form to the world by your style

Live life as the art that it is
And enjoy it!