We are in the end stage of the 5th Post Atlantean Epoch

Worldwide geoengineering and aerial contamination spraying
Together with electromagnetic waves abound from an insane rollout of 5G towers costing trillions of dollars
Are destroying the insect ecosystem

About 80 percent of the insect population has been killed
Along with a large number of birds and other wildlife

These millimeter microwaves also invade human cells
And radiate people

Poisonous glyphosate called Round Up is sprayed on most all crops
High amounts are found in kids breakfast cereals
As well as in most processed foods

People are educated in an indoctrination process
Which teaches greed and materialism

They think eating animals is healthy
And are frightened into taking Covid shots

Then they go to a house of worship and think they are spiritual
But their god is actually money

Kids are being given the shot secretly in school
Covid means sheep in Hebrew

Big Pharma drugs are dulling the population
Hospital horror stories abound

Hidden technology is in place
To be unleashed upon the population

Enlightenment is in light emit
It is when your body produces bio photons which increase your aura or light body

In past civilizations structures were built for this very purpose
Copper alloys called orichalcum were put into the framework

It has electrical properties which resonate with the divine
And had a reddish glow

It was mostly copper and zinc
But also had sulfur and spellerite

As the awakening Albion sends the original divine plasma
Coded with life giving instruction sets

Now is the time to embrace your higher purpose!