When you are living in fear
You are in a reduced state of awareness

When you wear a mask
You are in a state of consciousness suppression
Energetic blockages occur when you hold in emotional states such as fear

Take responsibility for the direction of your energy
If you refuse to look at unpleasant truths
You will be deceived and manipulated

Once you understand your reality you will be empowered
As you maximize your potential
The more you will impact the energy field

It is all about connection
Your body will hold as much frequency as it can

Neural networks will be rewired and built up
So that you can conduct new frequencies

DNA will then be activated
And will go through an upgrade

Your beliefs and thoughts do matter
If you are on a fear program you are on auto pilot and easily controlled

When you develop a unity consciousness
Your aura will become toroid shaped
And you will access the stargate fields

Your energy will then affect beings at other levels
And you will have a cosmic consciousness

You will then bring yourself to a state of peace
And you will not run on a fear program that is being played

You will delete stress
And run on a higher purpose

When you have meaning in your life
You find fulfillment!