A whole civilization exists below our feet
With city like areas
And supersonic trains that go from coast to coast

There are places where you can fly a small airplane

The most famous portals to the underground world
Are Cumberland Gap
Cheyenne Mountain
And the Denver Airport

The main areas are referred to as DUMBS
Deep Underground Military Bases

In Virginia alone there are 4400 caverns
Many lead to this below ground network
But have been closed off

There is an inexhaustible underground supply of fresh water
The tunnels are lighted with lithium

Trillions of dollars worth of lithium and gold
Have been mined out of Afghanistan

The underground will be shelter for the elite
When the planned catastrophes occur

Our biological world is under attack
To be replaced by nano technology
And controlled human pseudo life forms

This is entertainment for the psychopathic elite
Who are unable to attain to higher realms
And think they will live forever
Merged with nano tech machines

They enjoy watching this above ground reality TV

And will be observing the coming mass hysteria on big screens
In their illuminated palatial underground haven!