This realm responds to our intention

An intention creates a harmonic structure in water
Living beings as well as the world around us
Are made up primarily of water

Water carries and transmits information

Change your thoughts
Change the world

But one cannot manifest a better world
If they are not willing to see the existing world
For what it is

Let intention pave the way for our future
Rather than reacting to what is laid out for us

We currently only use about 5 percent of our brain
We have become comfortable in our limitations
And live in fear of unpleasant surprises

Every thought and emotion produces a neuropeptide
As our thoughts and emotions get linked
We produce the same neuropeptide over and over
Our life view and intentions become limited
And we become creatures of habit and familiarity

Our attention attracts events in our lives
And our focus becomes who we are

But it is possible to create a different thought pattern
To recondition yourself and gain another perspective

A tangle of internuncial neurons
Called the reticular formation
Extends from the spinal cord through the brain stem
Up into the thalamus and hypothalamus

It has a direct line of command
To major areas of the cortex
And to the nuclei of the brain stem

In the spinal cord it influences
Peripheral sensory systems
And motor systems

It awakens selected nervous system circuits

In other words it gets you out of your little box
It changes your reality
And lets you see into the beyond

Inspiration is the current that initiates this voltage of change
Cutting us loose from limitations
And freeing us from the social protocols and procedures
In the heavily engineered matrix

When you are inspired you act and speak with great energy

And the universe responds to your bioelectric energy

So if you have high intentions
It sparks the universe!