Unexplained fires at food processing plants of all types
Are occurring throughout America

There have even been plane crashes at facilities in Idaho and Georgia

Meanwhile laboratories developing crickets as food remain unscathed
While at the same time receiving huge federal subsides

They want us sitting alone with VR glasses attuned to a virtual reality
While munching on grasshoppers

Unable to find gasoline for our gasoline cars
And unable to afford electricity for our lithium battery cars

Bugs are now being taught in school as a source of nutrition

Your new smart fridge will not open
Unless you have been double boosted with the clot shot
And you then can scan your QR code on it

They want us dismantled from the feelings of others
While we feed into our deceptive negative ego
That the anti life architecture of our culture is built upon

Our frequency determines how our energy
Will be manifested into physical matter

Plasma received from higher vibrational sources purify our cells

At night when we sleep we leave our physical body
And go into the higher astral 4D plane

This reality is our classroom
The people and events coming into your life are not random

We have crystals in our brain to guide us
They are our electric magnetic compass

We are our own god
We create our own world

Our beliefs become real

Fear destroys the mind

Choose to pursue truth
And to see beauty!