When Robert DeNiro’s son developed autism he started looking into it. After seeing all the case studies of parents relating how their child developed abnormal behavior patterns right after taking the MMR (measles mumps and rubella) vaccine he became convinced that was the cause and made a movie called ‘Vaxxed’. The movie is a true story about a whistleblower from the Center for Disease Control who said the CDC routinely manipulated and covered up data showing the relationship between vaccines and autism.

Aren’t vaccines supposed to be good for you because they prevent illnesses? Or do they cause illnesses? Well the question can be resolved very easily if we take a look at the ingredients in the vaccines. Those secret ingredients that aren’t talked about and that not very many people know about.

Vaccines were ‘invented’ by the Englishman Edward Jenner (1749-1823) who heard from dairymaids that a person who has cowpox cannot get smallpox. So he injected a healthy young boy with cowpox and then with smallpox. The boy got cowpox but did not get smallpox so he incorrectly adduced he found a cure for smallpox. As a result many districts were required to get vaccinated. One city – Leicester – got fully vaccinated but then along with many ill effects had a smallpox outbreak. The citizenry rebelled and stopped the vaccinations. Then they improved the sanitation of their town and the epidemic ceased.
What was in the Gardisal HPV vaccine that induced shock, comas and death in young girls who were taking it for sexually transmitted diseases they “might have or might get”. Borax (sodium borate) used in cockroach poison. Aluminum which causes nerve cells to die. Polysorbate 80 which is used as an emulsifier in food but when ejected straight into the system produces many side effects and which also has been linked to cancer. And sodium chloride. The center of the controversy was in Texas where the governor received huge ‘campaign contributions’ from the maker of this vaccine in return for making it mandatory.
What is in the swine flu vaccination? It contains the H1N1 virus which is propagated in chicken embryos. It also contains a sizable dose of mercury which is the most toxic heavy metal. Mercury kills all cells it comes in contact with and degenerates any tissue it comes across. It should never be injected into ones’ body. The vaccine also contains genetically modified bacteria which will kill good bacteria and weaken the immune system making infections more likely. It also has insect repellant, formaldehyde and mercury. The rest is chicken egg fluid. People have also died form the swine flu vaccination.
I know people will rush to say “What about Jonas Salk? Didn’t he prevent polio?” Well what was in the vaccine? There was formaldehyde which is embalming fluid used to preserve corpses. It is a preservative but is a known cancer causing agent. There was also kidney cells from tortured lab monkeys. Tens of thousands of monkeys were taken from West Africa brought over here and were killed and their kidneys were taken out. Viruses were procured from their kidneys. At least 26 different strains. They were multiplied in bird embryos and put into the vaccine. These viruses are still circulating in humans and one of them – the SW-40 virus has been found to be the cause of tumors and cancer in people today. Then it was all put in calf serum from slaughtered baby calves called bovine albumin. How could that concoction kill viruses? The truth of the matter it only produced paralysis in people which was then attributed to polio. Salk never cured anybody but only invented new strains of polio by combining several of them.

What about the anthrax vaccine that military personnel are required to take? It has formaldehyde also. And aluminum hydroxide which causes blockages in motor neurons leading to strokes. It also has benzethonium chloride. How could these prevent anthrax. Could this vaccine be the cause of the mysterious Gulf War Syndrome?

The influenza “vaccine” contains mercury, formaldehyde and Polysorbate 80.
Measles is a respiratory disease with a rash and fever. It will come and go. All you need is a normal immune system. But instead people rush out and get jabbed and inserted with a zoo of chemical mixtures called the MMR11 vaccine. It has 1 sorbitol that aggravates the gastrointestinal system. 2 recombinant human albumin which is protein that has as its’ constituents the blood of different people which causes nausea, breathing difficulty, fever and a rapid heart rate. 3 hydrolyzed gelatin. 4 chicken embryo cell cultures. 5 human diploid lung fibroblasts. 6 fetal bovine serum which causes chest pains, skin reactions, and arthritis. 7 sodium chloride which causes high blood pressure. All combined together in synthetic preservatives.

The Chicken Pox vaccine is basically the same with a few added ingredients. Monosodium L-glutamate, neomycin, and MRC-5 cells.

You ask what about the vaccines given to babies. Well let’s look at one. The Rota Teq vaccine for the Rotavirus. It has 5 live strains of viruses. Plus a virus that infects pigs called porcine circovirus. It also has fetal bovine serum. Side effects such as difficulty breathing, vomiting and infection have been shown to occur.

What about vaccines for dogs such as rabies? Do they have ingredients which enhance the immune system and thus protect our treasured companions? NO! They have neurotoxins, genetically modified bacteria, live experimental strains of multiple viruses, and pesticides. The rabies vaccine contains mercury (hidden under the name Thimerosol) and dogs have reacted with many different symptoms including death as a result.

Not one single vaccine has ever been proven safe or effective. Why? Because the Center for Disease Control doesn’t have to. And their partners – the pharmaceutical corporations have been protected from lawsuits regarding vaccines. Besides liability protection they are subsidized immensely. Laws are being passed requiring mandatory vaccination. Schools are being compensated for having at least a 98% compliant rate. And principals who don’t have the required rate of forced ‘inoculations” are fined or are at risk of losing their jobs.
Babies born at hospitals are required to be given vaccines. Does it make any sense to inject newborn with a plethora of substances right into the bloodstream. The Hepatitis 1 vaccine is given them to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. And so these diseases are injected into the newborn to build antibodies. But the antibodies generated are only temporary so “booster shots” are given at regular intervals. With an immature immune system the baby has a hard time fighting off the diseases injected into them. They get the influenza vaccine which has 13 strains of the strep virus. They get the polio and the DPT vaccine and other ones which introduce even more toxins and poisons into the system. Brains become inflamed with all the chemicals and brain tissue gets damaged causing the motor neurons being unable to transmit nerve impulses which means loss of control of bodily functions. There are at least 62 synthetic chemicals being injected by vaccines. The neurotoxin Latex is a common one. Heavy metals such as aluminum attach themselves to brain cells and the body responds by attacking it. Neurological connections get blocked resulting in autism, epilepsy, learning disabilities, severe headaches and the list goes on. The immune system is weakened and makes them more susceptible to other viruses. America has the highest number of babies dying in the few days after birth. And babies are given more and more vaccines every few months. Is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome another result?

I have personally known nurses and health care workers who have confided to me that they did not agree with giving patients pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines. And it is health care workers who are refusing to get inoculated. Because they have seen first hand the terrible reactions that have come about. But hospitals are being acquiescent and not demanding them to be vaccinated as long as they do their job.

The vaccination program is a 20+ billion dollar a year industry run by the pharmaceutical companies. There are hundreds of more vaccines in the works. People are being mindlessly obedient and are being preyed upon because of their naivete.