Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is the process of injecting toxic chemicals at enormous pressure into subterranean rocks in order to open fissures and extract oil.
This of course results in the polluting of the water and also the land and the air.
In order to do this lawfully the Energy Policy Act of 2005 was pushed through Congress.
The individual at the fore of this was the reptilian Vice President Dick Cheney who is the CEO of Haliburton an oil company that frequently receives no-bid government contracts.
This act allowed oil companies exemption from The Clean Water Act of 72 and the Safe Drinking Water Act of 74 as well as the Clean Air Act and any other environmental protection laws.
It is now referred to as the Haliburton Loophole.
It also gives billions of dollars of subsidies to these already rich oil companies that make billions of dollars per year.
They are still being subsidized.
There are approximately 596 chemicals that make up the fracking fluid toxic soup.
It is basically a random concoction of the most poisonous and harsh chemicals that are produced.
Most all of these carcinogenic chemicals are not used in other ways and are unknown and unpronounceable.
Many serious health effects occur from the water contamination.
1 to 7 million gallons of water is needed to frack one well.
Wells can be repeatedly fracked and some have been fracked up to 20 times.
The drilling goes down deep in the ground.
Approximately 8000 feet or over a mile and a half.
It goes down vertical and horizontal.
70% of fracked wells do not produce oil.
The ones that produce the most are drilled on the best Permian and Marcellus shale deposits.
At first one of these wells can produce thousands of barrels of oil per day but within a few years it drops down to hundreds per week and keeps on dropping.
The total volume of oil produced in the U.S. is roughly 1 million barrels per day and is mostly ‘light oil’.
Of the over 1 million oil wells in the U.S about one third are fracked.
Fracking has been occurring in 25 states.
The breaking of the subterranean rock from fracking is causing the land to become unstable.
Numerous smaller fractures are created besides the main drill hole.
Surface cracks and sinkholes have appeared in many areas due to the weakening of the sub strata.
A major earthquake will cause the land to shift and overturn.
Fracking has never been a money making venture.
Since 2015 the amount of fracked wells producing oil has dropped off considerably.
Recently though thanks to the new fracking in New Mexico and Texas the export of crude oil has jumped to an all time high.
But these sweet spots are drying up.
The cost is far outweighing the revenues.
Since 2008 fracking expenditures have resulted in the loss of over 20 million dollars for the oil industry.
Without government subsides the overall loss would be about 250 billion or a quarter of a trillion dollars.
And the truth is we don’t even need oil.
Electric cars were in operation even in the 1890’s.
But the system has purposely kept clean transportation vehicles off the market and kept the public dependent on oil.
So why is this crazy diabolical fracking process continued if money is not being made from it?
Is there another reason why known hazardous materials are pumped into drinking water and destroying aquifers?
There are right now thousands of densely packed jacks and pumps along the San Andreas fault line.
They have created thousands of drill points going down thousands of feet.
But again the cost is far outweighing the yields.
The San Andreas fault line is basically a long seismically prone crack in the plate structure that cuts right through the LA Basin and Southern California.
Northward it goes offshore into the Juan de Fuco fracture zone in a Z shaped pattern.
It’s southern route goes into the San Bernardino National forest then south into the Imperial Valley ending at Bombay Beach on the Northeast side of the Salton Sea.
Northwest of the Salton Sea are other fault lines:
The San Jacinto and the Elsinore diverge from the San Andreas fault line.
The San Jacinto reconnects with the San Andreas south of the Salton Sea and becomes the Imperial Fault which goes into the Gulf of California.
This middle San Jacinto fault has recently become more seismically active.
There are now a string of 33 mud volcanoes.
They boil up from the ground and have moved as much as 60 feet per day.
Southeast of the Salton Sea in the Salton Buttes are 5 rhyolite lava domes or mud geysers.
These mud pots form cracks in the topsoil and have encroached upon the railroad tracks running east of the Salton Sea.
A metal barrier was constructed to save the railroad tracks but the expanding mud pots seeped under it.
The slow slips are also endangering Highway 111, a Verizon fiber optic line and a petroleum pipeline.
The Salton Sea was created in 1905 by a flooding of the Colorado River.
People who traveled through the Salton Trough before this event reported bubbling muddy pots and hot springs.
Clusters of small earthquakes result from oil fracking operations.
3 distinct sets of earthquake swarms repeatedly occur around the Salton Sea.
Two swarms are due to fracking operations.
The other swarm is to the south in what is known as the Devil’s Kitchen.
This earthquake swarm is right by a Geothermal Pumping Operation.
There are 20 of these Geothermal pumping operations in California, 10 in Nevada, one in Utah and one in Hawaii.
Northern California is also very seismically active.
Geothermal Plants are located here too such as at the active volcanic areas of Clear Lake and Long Valley.
Clear Lake has cinder cones, lava domes and maars which are small volcanic craters filled with water.
Long Valley has recently been upgraded to a super volcano because it has 240 square miles of lava underground.
All these steam plants have pipelines with drill points connected to turbines.
But like oil these steam power would be rendered useless if modern technology was utilized.
The geothermal plant in Hawaii is now famous because it is located right next to the Kilauea volcano.
It is called the Puna Geothermal Venture.
It is rerouting the lava flow to what is called Fissure 8 so that it builds up on the Hilina Slump south of the volcano.
When the volcano blows the Hilina Slump will fall off into the ocean creating a tsunami.
Under the guise of fracking and/or thermal ventures Hawaii and California are being prepped for a massive catastrophe.
Regular oil drilling in Southern California has been going on since the 1890’s.
Big oil fields are still located at El Segundo, Inglewood, Baldwin Hills, Long Beach and Los Angeles.
In various neighborhoods individual pumps are still operating in what was once large oil fields.
Culver City which was founded upon the Movie Industry is concerned that horizontal drilling under their city will have devastating consequences when a big earthquake strikes.
Fracking is part of the same plan as the California fires.
These fires are not natural and appear suddenly in the middle of the night with no stormfront or warning of any kind.
They emerge simultaneously at many locations and melt cars, appliances and stone work.
They burn through steel and asphalt targeting homes while skipping over trees.
Wind gusts magically go from 0 to over 80 miles per hour in seconds flaming the fires.
The directed energy weapons that start the tragic fires are also being used to weaken sub strata.
The Cascadia fault line is being pimped as well.
So is the U.S. East Coast.
The end game is to herd everyone into smart cities where 5G Technology will power everything.
From Artificial Intelligence and robots of different kinds to flying drones, hover crafts and autonomous transportation.
From surveillance cameras, tracking devices and bright harmful LED lights to electrical apparatuses and many kinds of computers which includes your own personal embedded RFID chip.
The problem besides the lack of freedom and privacy, will be that the high energy microwaves powering the grid will slowly fry human tissue.
But depopulation is also a goal.
As in the Twilight Zone episode The Obsolete Man many needless humans will be phased out.
Demoralized people are more easy to control.
Disagreement with authority will lower your Social Credit Score as will association with others who have low scores.
This Social Credit System is already in operation in China.
People with low scores get restrictions imposed on them such as where they can go and what they can do.
While high scores are rewarded.