There will be a total lunar eclipse on July 27. Supposedly the moon will occlude the sun for a few hours which is a record amount of time. It will appear reddish and so is called a blood moon. Mars the God of War will be in close opposition. It is no coincidence that it marks the beginning of a Jewish holiday which lasts a couple weeks.
If you have a decent camera and point it at the moon you will see it’s craters. You will also notice bright spots emanating in some of them. If the moon is actually over 230,000 miles away you would not be able to do that. If you point the camera to something else only a few miles away you will get the same focus.
And if you look closely you can actually see clouds moving behind the moon.
The sun appears to be the same size as the moon by just looking at it. But we are told by the astronomical priests not to believe what we see. We are told the sun is 93 million miles away and is thousands of times bigger.
We are assured the stars are billions of miles away. And the reason we can see them is because they are many times bigger than the sun or else many times brighter. I’m sorry but our eyes are not capable of seeing objects billions of miles away even if they were bigger and brighter than what we can imagine.
We see the sun and moon traveling across the sky on daily paths. We are also told not to believe this and believe that our world is a revolving sphere which circles around the sun while the moon circles around the Earth.
In reality night is caused by the sun circling out of view and daybreak is just the repeating of their same orbit above the earth plane. The oscillation of this pattern back and forth to the north and south causes the seasons and is not because of any tilt of our world.
And we are told all of this came about as a result of a big blast billions of years ago.
When we cease to believe our own eyes and our own experience we put ourselves in a virtual reality. We prostrate ourselves at the feet of so-called experts who are nothing but pseudo scientists hashing out lies according to what they are told in order to promote themselves. Isn’t that the way the world works!
By brainwashing us with something so gigantic and fundamental it makes other forms of indoctrination a piece of cake.
In reality the sun and moon are approximately the same size and only a few miles away. Same with the stars.
So a lunar eclipse is impossible. The Earth is never between the sun and the moon. The Earth is a flat plane.
The solar eclipse in August of 2017 was a simulation. A dry run. An obvious reason why that eclipse was fake is because the direction of the darkening went in the opposite way of the movement of the moon.
There was also a recent darkness for a few hours in the daytime in Siberia. This was also a test.
The sun is never blocked out by the moon. And the moon is never blocked out from the sun by the Earth.
The sun is actually moving away slightly and losing some of it’s energy.
Our former sun Saturn also drifted off and lost it’s prior glory.
Enter the sun simulator. The sun simulator is like an artificial sun which reflects and redirects the light rays from the sun. This would only be possible if the sun was only a few miles away and quite small. Which it is. The simulator is an optical device which has an active lens producing a prism effect mimicking the sun. It is usually placed right in front of the sun.
It has recently been announced that fireworks now can be artificially created in the sky and will be produced starting in the year 2019.
The technology to manipulate light and create illusions in the sky is here.
Along the same lines the ability to create laser beams and direct them anywhere from aircraft is here also. This technology can and is producing earthquakes, volcanoes and fires.
The atmosphere had to be ionized first in order for all this to be possible. That is the reason for all the chemtrail spraying these last 20 years and especially the onslaught in the last 10 years. Our weather now is almost all artificial. The heavy metals and charged particles in the sky prevents the normal evaporation of water molecules.
To form clouds mist making machines have been produced.
Nuclear power plants or at least a lot of them are actually mist producing devices creating clouds and rain. Otherwise we would hardly have any rainfall.
Nuclear power has been known to be a bad idea for quite awhile now. That is why the destruction of the so-called nuclear power plant in Fukishima Japan did not cause any power outage. There is no such thing as nuclear power.
The power companies use Tesla technology and charge everyone for energy that does not cost them anything to produce.
The burning of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WW2 was from incendiary bombing. There is no such thing as a nuclear bomb or an atom bomb. If you try to find residual radiation in these places you won’t find any.
The sun simulator will be used to create a false eclipse and blood moon.
Laser technology will be used to ignite volcanoes.
The La Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands will be set off creating a tsunami. It will hit the East Coast of the United States especially New York City. There will also be flooding in the U.K.
The tsunami that will hit New York City will be accentuated by missiles exploding at the Babylon Canyon in the Atlantic Ocean.
The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii will be set off not only destroying a large part of the Big Island but creating a tsunami on the West Coast of the U.S.
A fake planet called Nibiru or Planet X will be made to seem to appear. Also a fake asteroid coming from behind the sun will look like it crashed into the Gulf of Mexico creating flooding in the Southern Coastal areas.
Then comes war.
As a result of the U.S sanctions on Iran, Iran will respond by blocking the Strait of Hormuz. The Strait of Hormuz is the only sea route from the Persian Gulf and everyday over a dozen tankers carrying millions of barrels of oil use these waters.
The USA will have an oil shortage.
At the same time North Korea will threaten South Korea.
Keep in mind all this is scripted and has been planned out for quite awhile. All the leaders are on the same team. They are all being told what to do. They are playing their role. They are actors.
The script has Donald Trump being assassinated. Probably by an immigrant.
When The U.S. tries to intervene an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) will hit America and cause a blackout leaving the U.S. with no power. It will be blamed on North Korea.
Russia and China will then take over and occupy ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’.
So along with our fake government, fake news, fake astronomy, fake space exploration, fake religions, fake nuclear power, fake history, insane medical system and fraudulent banking system, artificial weather and fake eclipses we will have another fake war on our fake spinning globe.
These events also will produce trauma based mind control which utilizes fear to mentally control humanity.
As former CIA chief William Colby was quoted as saying “When everything the American people believe is false then we will have done our job”.