We live in a plasma dome
The far reaches of space are fake

There is no Asteroid Belt
Between Mars and Jupiter

There is no Kuiper Belt
Beyond Neptune
Harboring comets and asteroids

And there is no Oort Cloud
Beyond Pluto
Harboring comets

They are also saying
There is another Asteroid Belt
Around the stars Vega and Fomalhaut

They claim they can be seen
Through high powered telescopes
Such as the Herschel and Spitzer telescopes
But no average citizen can use them

They claim now many asteroids are menacing the Earth

And they claim the extraterrestrial visitor Oumuamua
That was originally thought to be an asteroid
Is back from its 2017 visit

An asteroid impact will be blamed for the upcoming cataclysms
Just like the non existent asteroid that killed off
The non existent dinosaurs

And Oumuamua will be the alien visitors
At the Golden Gate Bridge

But it will all be holographic projections
And high powered laser technology