After the construction of the western railways the railroad companies were ceded vast amounts of the western forests as payment by our govt. The devastation of the forests began soon afterwards. But they still had a rival to contend with – hemp.

Thomas Jefferson had made it a law that everyone in the colonies should grow hemp. Not to get everybody stoned – as only fools believe – but because of it’s many uses . Hemp does not have any THC to get that high feeling. Not only is it a superfood – it has the perfect ratio of amino acids, all the essential fatty acids, many easily digestible minerals and vitamins and is high in protein but it has a very strong fiber much stronger than wood. Thus it is excellent for ropes and clothes and hundreds of different items. And it is much more economical for the building of houses.

A house built of hemp would be stronger and last longer. It would be cheaper and easier to build. Hemp is the ideal insulator. It would keep the heat and cold out very effectively. The insulation that is used today is highly toxic.

To prevent hemp from being used in place of wood the “owners” of the American Western forests came up with a devilish plan – outlaw the opposition. Hemp was associated with it’s Cannabis cousin marijuana and then marijuana was demonized. Movies such as Reefer Madness were created to say that smoking marijuana will cause people to kill each other. So when marijuana was classed as a Schedule 1  drug and became illegal  – hemp was also prohibited to be grown in the USA.  The truth of the matter is that the THC in marijuana has many health benefits such as killing cancer cells and it is the best non addictive anti-depressant and muscle relaxer you can find.

So vast amounts of our magnificent western forests were decimated for wood to build houses. It is estimated that 95% of the giant Redwoods in California were cut down. The treasured Sequoias were being cut down and were only saved by the fierce opposition of a few “radicals”. Many other old growth forests were destroyed. Idaho used to have huge amounts of beautiful towering White Pines. Ancient Cedar groves became stumps. All for greed and profit!

It is time now to go back to hemp! States are gradually starting to let farmers grow it. Hemp is a valuable resource not only for construction but for food. We were never meant to eat animals. Animal protein is very hard to assimilate into our system. Hemp has more protein and it is all easily digestible. Making hemp legal to grow will help heal our environment and provide nutritious food for everyone!