In the past it was believed the Earth was the center of the universe because our world was God’s special creation and to believe otherwise was heresy. This concept is correct because the stars revolve in a circle above us around the North Celestial Pole. And whatever we don’t understand the tendency is to ascribe it to a Supreme Being.

Now they want us to believe in unlimited Outer Space and that stars are billions of miles away and are incredibly huge. In addition to this they want us to believe that quasars (Quasi Stellar Objects) are at the very far reaches of the universe and are even more massively enormous than anything we can imagine.

This belief about quasars is enforced because they have a very high redshift (the stretching out of light waves) and because redshift is believed to equal distance. Doing this not only forces astronomers to believe quasars are unimaginably large it forces them to believe they are traveling away from us at impossible speeds because redshift is also believed to be a measure of velocity.

There are many instances of a physical connection or bridge (made up of plasma) between objects of different redshifts. These are ignored because they don’t fit the Big Bang theory which relies on the Redshift equals distance hypothesis and the expanding universe hypothesis. But if redshift of the spectral lines is an intrinsic quality due to the net charge radiating from the objects in question the whole house of cards would fall.

Quasars are ejected in opposite directions from the nuclei of active (Seyfert) galaxies. And the redshift decreases with distance from the ejecting galaxy while the luminosity and mass increase. Furthermore being aligned along the axis they are quantized into a series of discrete values. The Virgo Cluster is a mirror image of the Fornax cluster which means the ejecting galaxy is between them. But the plotting of galaxy clusters by astronomers which moves the high redshift object to the background creates a “Fingers of God” illusion making it look like they are pointing directly at us.

ULX objects (Ultra luminous x-ray sources) near active galaxies are actually quasars with redshifts much higher than the active galaxy.  Quasars in front of galaxies are moved to the background and the image is explained away as gravitational lensing (distortion of light moving around the foreground object). The Einstein Cross (4 quasars on each side of a central galaxy) is said to be this splitting of the image of a “back-ground quasar”.

Active galaxies evolve into high redshift quasars then to lower redshift objects and finally into companion galaxies. So quasars are much closer to us and their energy output is much less than thought. Redshift is an indication of age beginning at the ejection. The higher the redshift the younger the object.

The reality is that all these celestial orbs are located in the highly charged firmament or dome shaped canopy which surrounds our flat plane. This dome is extremely close. It begins only a few hundred miles up.

Stars are only a few thousand miles above us. And they are a lot smaller than claimed. Our sun is actually similar in size to our moon just as it appears to be by looking at it.

We live in a plasma cell. We do not live in an expanding universe.

Space travel into or beyond the dome is impossible with our current technology.

The stars, planets and moons are all plasma orbs. There are no other worlds of habitation inside of our cell.

Our cell is electrical. There are incoming charged particles not only from our sun and stars but from the electrical dome which surrounds us. And there is a high electrical charge beneath us.

We are electrical beings interacting with our relatively small electrical universe.

Reliance in the religion of modern science should come to a screeching halt!