You are part of the grand tapestry of existence
What we see around us is just a narrow band of particles
That have collapsed into energy waves

The Matrix was always about harvesting energy from us
Now it is about downloading your mind and soul into another dimension via quantum computers

The phantom matrix is an extra interdimensional realm
Which at some point will stop drawing out of the 4D astral and 3D earth realms

It will be a nefarious enclosure with limited chance of escape
CERN is looking to bridge this fake reality with ours

They are doing that under the auspices of negative beings who are trapped between dimensions
And who seek to make this world their permanent home

They have hybridized humans with themselves
They have hybridized animals and plants
And polluted most everything

They have produced synthetic robot souls who serve as their drones
The number of synthetic souls is increasing all the time
Many of whom are of a peaceful demeanor in order to sandbox the original souls with the collective

They seek to cancel out true individualistic humans
Who can manifest actual power that lay latent inside their DNA

As the time period of the change of the frequency spectrum nears
The negative beings and their human hybrid representatives are seeking to save themselves
Since 1947 extensive underground construction has taken place

The expression brood of vipers spoken of by Jesus is not symbolic
The time period of Jesus was actually about 450-500 years ago

As we reincarnate we get a memory wipe
We receive an implant of a false identity which is our programmed self
That is designed to keep us in the Matrix

The false self and the ego will be done away with
As will the negative beings who are in a desperate and delusional attempt to try to save themselves

Insectoids get all their knowledge pre programmed into them at birth
Their missions and rules are pre packaged
Their set of data to live by within the hive mind is pre downloaded

The insectoid must succeed at implementing and carrying out their programs with maximum efficiency
They have no self critique or inner awakening

Insectoids have no vagus nerve and cannot embed emotion

It is imperative that you establish your vibrational stance
So that you are steady and balanced

You will receive what you think
You will attract what you feel

And you will become
Who you strive to be!